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Prime Time turns 1!

26 May

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Prime Time, happy birthday to you.

As you can probably guess, this (brilliant) blog turns one today and I’m super proud of what Prime Time has achieved. Thanks to everyone for taking the time to read my posts and occasionally having your 2p worth.

From GamesMaker diaries and top campaigns to PR tips and brand stories, I hope you agree that this blog has brought you interesting angles on the big news in the media industry.

There’s much more to come, so stay tuned and enjoy what you see.


The IOC is wrestling to drop this Olympic sport

15 Feb


It’s been six months since the end of the London 2012 Olympic Games but the international sporting event is still generating plenty of coverage this week:

Leading the pack is South African Paralympic gold medallist and double amputee Oscar Pistorius who’s recently denied murder after his model girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp was found dead at his home.

Secondly, ‘poster girl for London 2012’ Jessica Ennis has topped a poll, alongside the Queen, as one of the country’s most inspirational women.

Lastly, the International Olympic Commission (IOC) is facing criticism after it announced it wanted to drop wrestling as an Olympic sport – an event that dates back to the ancient Greek games and has been part of the modern programme since 1896.

There’s still a chance it could stay – if the IOC officially ratifies it at a meeting in September – but at the moment it’s competing against six other sports, such as baseball and squash, for one spot in the 2020 programme.

Of all the recent news the latter bothers me most. Why? Because those that have been with Prime Time from the beginning will remember that when I was a GamesMaker I helped to oversee the wrestling at the ExCeL centre.

The Olympic Games has such a unique history that it’s a privilege for countries to host this amazing centre stage to showcase talented athletes. (You only have to watch a snippet of Danny Boyle’s Opening Ceremony to see how much effort we put in.) With this in mind, I appreciate that to keep the Olympics current, occasionally it has to redevelop itself. And I’m all eyes and eyes for modernisation, but when elements of the event’s history and heritage are at stake then that’s a different matter.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not a closet member of FILA – the wrestling federation. Until last August I’d never even seen a Greco-Roman match, but the fact that the IOC has deemed it a good enough sport, to recognise and reward athletes for demonstrating their skills and strength, for more than a century must worth something.

If it’s about ticket sales, the IOC should be supporting FILA with advice to raise the sport’s profile. After all, more athletes and more fans would benefit both parties. But, instead the committee bull-dozed ahead without talking to anyone. So, not only does the IOC look rash but also now appears defensive by saying:

“We knew even before the decision was taken whatever sport would not be included in the core programme would lead to criticism from the supporters of that sport.”

The backlash against the IOC has spread quickly and I’m glad I’m not the only one that feels surprised. ESPN’s Jim Caple highlights a range of other sports that could’ve been given the chopper which would’ve caused less controversy. (Trampolining anyone?)

Wrestling is an ancient sport. I mean that in the historical sense, not old.
It’ll be interesting to see what the outcome is as the wrestlers, and their fans, fight to feature in Rio and beyond.


My first sponsorship deal

24 Jun

Yesterday I collected my London 2012 Olympics uniform – sponsored entirely by adidas – to wear throughout the Games. It was an odd experience at first, as I made my way to what seemed to be an abandoned warehouse that had been covered with Olympics-themed bunting to brighten the place up.

After collecting my official accrediatation pass, I waited patiently with hundreds of other Games Makers to go through to grab my first piece of kit:

Waterproof jacket (XXS)

Taking inspiration from the UK’s heritage and culture, influenced by the historic Grenadier Guards uniform, Wimbledon Tennis and Henley Regatta with a modern twist, the kit has been designed by LOCOG with adidas and fashion retailer Next. The regal purple and poppy red colour themes running throughout the uniform is vibrant, fresh and plush.

I’m informed that this lightweight jacket comes with its own self-storage bag inside one of the pockets, so it can be rolled up and clipped to my bag or the belt of my trousers. Although, with no instructions, I’m not even going to attempt this (especially when I know I’ll be working inside.)

Polo shirt (XXS)

Replicating the style and colours of the jacket, this zipped polo shirt continues the military theme with its high collar and epaulettes.

Trousers (XXS)

These stone-coloured trousers are practical, comfortable and fashionable.

Socks (One size fits all)

To keep up appearances, each Games Maker has been provided with two pairs of grey trainer socks.

Trainers (3.5 UK)

I was pleasantly surprised to know that adidas’ special edition Games Maker Fluid trainers are the sports brand’s most sustainable shoe and also come in half sizes. Lightweight and comfortable, these feel more like slippers than trainers, which is a huge benefit when I know I’ll be on my feet for hours at a time. Exclusive to Games Makers, it’s the ultimate memento.

Cap (One size fits all)

I’ve not worn one of these since school. I wasn’t keen on them then. That’s all I have to say on the matter.


A multi-purpose bag (which can be worn in four different ways) to fit in my water bottle, umbrella, note book and other essential items, to deter Games Makers from bringing too many personal items to the stadiums. It also has a pocket for my special Olympic Volunteer Oyster card which will automatically convert into a London Travelcard (zones 1-6) from my first shift.

Water bottle 

Made from two recycled Coca Cola bottles (another sponsor), this is definitely a functional, and welcome, part of the kit.


One of the plus points of LOCOG’s communications department is that it has a personality, reflected in the fact that the unbrella’s carry case reads ‘Just in case’. Hopefully, they won’t need to be used during the two weeks. But, at least the organisers have thought of everything.


Something I wasn’t expecting was a red and purple Swatch which will make a great limited edition souvenir from the Games.

Overall, this is a fantastically functional uniform, which has an emphasis on attention to detail, has helped make one design suit all. I look forward to stepping outside my door at the end of July for my first shift.

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