Finding time to tweet

1 Jul

New research from Buddy Media reveals that Twitter engagement rates for brands are 17% higher at weekends, but businesses are failing to tweet on these days causing companies to miss out on a ‘huge opportunity’ to interact with consumers.

I often get bored at the weekends looking for new content to amuse me at the weekends. Of the brands I follow very few (disappointingly) have tweeted over the past two days. The likes of Asda, All Star Lanes and Accessorize have had something to say. But, the majority are missing out on their optimum time to tweet.

Buddy Media’s research contradicts’s data, released earlier this year, which highlighted that the best time for links to get the most traction on Twitter is between 1pm-3pm on Monday afternoon – to catch the wandering eye of staff on their lunchbreaks no doubt.

I can’t argue with’s research, but I certainly don’t agree with it. It’s obvious that during our time off we have more time trawl through Twitter to find interesting news, and respond to stories and conversations (Twitter engagement is 29% higher than average on Saturdays alone.) But, brands are waiting until Monday to return our questions and quips. Why?

If businesses are going to invest in social media at all, it needs to be done well. Insight and trends must be taken seriously if brands want to attract followers, generate interest and emphasise their messaging and authority. This is not a 9am-5pm Monday to Friday role and online ‘radio silence’ is just not acceptable at the weekends.

With so many applications available to allow users to schedule tweets – including Hootsuite and FutureTweets – there’s no excuse for brands failing to prepare content to cover the weekend shift. Many media agencies also ensure at least one member of staff is on-call to take details of client emergencies on Saturdays and Sundays. Would it be out of the question to add the responsibility of tweeting to their remit to help their clients out?

Brands have no choice to accept that social media will grow in importance and influence. Those that position themselves as offering round-the-clock care and conversation will not only benefit from high engagement, but also success.

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